All items purchased in our store are new and have a manufacturer's warranty. In case of damaged items, please send the damaged item, together with a description of the damage and the original receipt, back to us. The damaged item is to be shipped back to us at your own expense. The period and conditions of the warranty depend on the manufacturer and are usually from 1 year, while some products have a lifetime warranty.

Taimen Rods:

Extended voluntary 25 years' guarantee for the first owner of Taimen fishing rods Selected models of Taimen fishing rods are covered with an extended 25 years' Taimen guarantee (service contract).
To take advantage of a voluntary guarantee you have to registered your Taimen fishing rod by e-mail within 30 days from the purchase.
The guarantee covers any damage to the fishing rod, regardless of its cause, within the guarantee period under the following conditions:
1. The guarantee covers only the rods covered with extended guarantee at the purchase.
2. The guarantee is valid only for fishing rods purchased at Taimen shop or authorised Taimen sales agents.
3. The guarantee does not cover parts lost by the owner.
4. The guarantee does not cover intentionally broken fishing rods.
5. The receipt must be enclosed when taking advantage of the guarantee.
6. Execution of the warranty entails handling fee for every part subject to claim, according to effective price list of charges and fees.
7. Taimen reserves the right to alter these charges without prior notice.

Damage should be notified to:
1. Send a broken or damage part to:
PHP AP Maciej Wilk
ul. Metalowa 3
43-100 Tychy
2. Enclose the original receipt with the shipped part.
3. The owner of the fishing rod covers the cost of shipping the fishing rod to Taimen shop, whereas the return delivery charge will be paid Taimen shop.
4. The handling fee shall be made via Taimen.com web shop.

Price list and structure of charges and fees:
25 EUR per application - handling fee (for acceptance and sending back to the client) and 10% of the current retail price for the part subject to claim in the case of all parts except the handle.
25% of the current retail price for the handle.
In the case of fishing rods withdrawn from trade or if Taimen shop is not able to replace parts of the fishing rod due to some other reasons we reserve the right to suggest another fishing rod currently on sale for 50% of the fishing rod retail price.